ECC Procedures

June 1988


To Oak Hills Owners and Prospective Neighbors:

To assist you and expedite your application process through the ECC, we offer the following explanation of the procedure.

1. Review your plans in light of the Oak Hills Guidelines and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. Thoroughly read and understand the above to avoid delays in approval.

2. Submit your completed application and complete selection of samples. Include signed Builders Information Sheet.

3. Review process: The ECC has thirty (30) days to approve or disapprove you application. In General, the ECC prefers any clarifications to your application in writing to avoid confusion. However, in the interest of time, some clarifications during he application process may be handled by phone. You will receive written approval or disapproval from the ECC. Following that time any changes form the application must be in writing. After approval, one or two member of the ECC will be assigned to your improvement to act as a liaison to the ECC. The identity of you liaison will be note in your approval letter.

4. Resubmittal of Plans: In the event of any disapproval by the ECC of either a preliminary or a final submission, the resubmissions of plans will follow the same procedure as an original submittal. Therefore, allow an additional 30 day for approval.

5. Pre-construction Site Inspection: At Least three (3) days prior to commencement of construction, the owner shall notify the liaison. The liaison shall conduct a visual inspection of the site to insure that the final building layout and staking, and/or location of the improvement is in accordance with the final plan approved by the ECC.

6. Work in Progress: The ECC may inspect all work in progress and give notice of noncompliance. Absence of such inspection during the construction period does not constitute either approval of the ECC with work in progress or compliance with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions or the Guidelines.

7. Completed Work:

A. Upon completion of any dwelling or other improvement, the owner shall give written notice of completion to the ECC.

B. Within thirty (30) days from receipt of such written notice of completion from the owner, the ECC may inspect the improvements. If it si found that such work was not done in strict compliance with the final plan submitted, it shall notify the owner in writing within thirty (30) days, specifying in reasonable detail the particulars of noncompliance.

C. If, upon the expiration of thirty (30) days from the date of such notification by the ECC, the ECC, the owner shall have failed to remedy such noncompliance, the ECC shall notify the owner, and take such action to remedy the noncompliance(s) as is provided in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

8. Right of Waiver: The ECC reserves the right to waive or vary any of the guidelines, under exceptional circumstances for good cause shown, except to the extent that the guidelines restate the Covenants. The ECC does not have authority to waive covenants.