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Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes November 30, 2020
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes November 30, 2020       Oak Hills Owners Association Board of Managers Meeting Minutes November 30, 2020 via Zoom 7:00PM   Attendance: Jeff Todd, Chad Oliver, Lori Estes, Ryan Higgins   Mailbox update Jeff has contacted multiple contractors to expand the mailboxes within the current footprint with no luck. Ryan has reached out to 3 contractors and they have all passed on the project. Because it’s a unique project it has been difficult finding someone willing to do the work.  Chad has a commercial contractor who is a friend that would consider doing it. At this point, they need a budget and then they will design, permit and perform the work. The plan is still for bigger boxes for mail and increased number of parcel boxes.   Century Link The expansion work has finally been completed at no charge to the community. Speed seems to depend on the vicinity to the new box.  There have been no issues reported since the upgrade.  According to Chad, the speed doesn’t seem faster but it is more reliable.   Holiday Party Because of Covid, our annual holiday has been cancelled. This year, instead of funding the food for the party, the board has decided to donate those funds to a local charity.  We selected The Douglas/Elbert Task Force Help and Hope Center in Castle Rock. They are a 501(c)3 non-profit human services organization dedicated to providing assistance to people in Douglas and Elbert counties who are in serious economic need, at risk of homelessness, or in a similar crisis   We would love to plan a spring party once our county restrictions are lifted!   ECC Committee Ryan reported that there are no open ECC issues at this time.   Treasurer Update Chad’s report noted that there were seven (7) properties with delinquent annual dues for 2020, despite numerous attempts to collect. These will be converted to property liens in due course, or added to current lien amounts.       Rewritten Covenants and By-laws In 2016 the By-Laws Committee drafted updated By-laws for the Oak Hills Community and presented them at the annual meeting.  There were less than 20 property owners present at this annual meeting.  The revised by-laws received majority approval from those attending the annual meeting but could not be finalized until the 2/3’s majority of all property owners were obtained. The revised By-laws did not go forward for Oak Hills Association approval, as there was not unanimous approval by the full board. In order to replace our current By-laws, which are extremely outdated, a 2/3-majority vote is still needed pursuant to the original By-laws. We would like to send the updated By-laws to homeowners in 2021.  After the first of the year, the Board will be calling and knocking on doors in an attempt to help generate enough votes to finally make these changes.   Water Rights In 2021 we would like to revisit the water rights issue. There are pros and cons to returning the water rights to homeowners.  The following website for the Rural Water Authority of Douglas County, Colorado is a great resource.   The vote to dissolve the Water Reserve Fund and return the water rights to each homeowner requires a 2/3-majority approval. It seems in our best interest to vote on this water issue at the same time as the By-Laws.       Meeting adjourned 7:45PM
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes April 23, 2020
Oak Hills Owners Association Board of Managers Meeting Minutes April 23, 2020 via Zoom 7:00PM Attendance: Jeff Todd, Chad Oliver, Lori Estes, Ruth Hiebert, Ryan Higgins Annual Meeting is on hold. Board will wait to set a date for the annual meeting until Covid-19 restrictions allow gatherings of more than 10 people. President’s Report – Jeff Todd Mailbox project not started.  Jeff will work towards finding an architect to draw a plan prior to getting bids. Lori asked if we could consider mailboxes in front of homes instead of community boxes. Jeff will reach out to post-office to see if this is feasible. When the community was started they required common mailbox. At annual meeting Jeff would like to explore updating the bylaws and covenants, though this would require a majority response from the neighborhood. Treasurer’s Report Ruth Hiebert has retired from the treasurer position.  Chad Oliver will assume the position of treasurer effective 4/30/2020. ECC Committee No ECC report at this time. Ryan Higgins will take over as the ECC chair. Church Meeting Update Ryan reported that the church passed their first hurdle and was approved by the planning commission. The next and final hurdle is May 12 at 2:30 with the county commissioners, there was no real community involvement on either side, 2 or 3 people spoke for and 2 or 3 people spoke against. Meeting adjourned 7:21PM
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes April 2, 2019
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes April 2, 2019 Oak Hills Owners Association Board of Managers Meeting Minutes April 2, 2019 Attendance: Jeff Todd, Ruth Hiebert and Lori Estes Annual Meeting set for April 7, 2019 at 2:00. President’s Report – Jeff Todd Agenda reviewed prior to annual meeting. Homeowner has expressed interest in joining the board. Ongoing neighborhood issues reviewed. New Oak Hills sign on north end waiting on final pricing.   Treasurer’s Report– Ruth Hiebert Budget presented and reviewed prior to annual meeting. Dues will remain at $300/year. Secretary’s Report– Lori Estes Annual meeting notice sent via email. Lori will pick up key and set up prior to meeting.
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes September 25, 2018

 Oak Hill Board of Managers Minutes September 25, 2018

Oak Hills Owner’s Association

Board of Managers Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2018

Attendance: Jeff Todd, Chad Oliver, Ruth Hiebert, Lori Estes

ECC Report– Chad Oliver

On-going neighborhood incidents reviewed.

            The Board would like to remind all homeowners to submit an application to the ECC for projects.  ECC Approval procedures can be viewed at

Chad will work to streamline process to make submittal easier for homeowners.

Treasurer’s Report– Ruth Hiebert

            Budget presented and reviewed

            New sign going in at north end of neighborhood paid in full.

New Signs– Jeff Todd

            New Oak Hills sign on north end to be installed by October 31, 2018

New Business

            Mailbox replacement – Currently researching for cost and design

Christmas Party –Volunteers and a host are needed. Please contact Lori Estes ( if interested in helping this year.

Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes July 25, 2017

 Oak Hills Owners’ Association

Board of Managers Meeting Minutes

July 25, 2017

Attendance: Ruth Hiebert, Chad Oliver, Jeff Todd and Katie Van Houten

ECC Report- Chad Oliver

On-going projects and variance requests

Treasurer’s Report- Ruth Hiebert

  • • A 60-day notice will be sent in August to lot owners who have not paid the 2017 assessment.
  • • Approval given by the board to pay surveyor for sign placement.

New Signs- Jeff Todd

The signs are ready to go; however, the county is requiring some changes be made regarding placement. Jeff will work with the county to resolve this and have signs installed.

New Business:

  • • Trashcan at mailbox- The door on the trash continues to fall off despite several attempts to repair. Jeff Todd will purchase a new can and replace the existing one.
  • • Some homeowners do not have current email addresses on file with the Board. Katie will attempt to contact those homeowners to update our records.
  • • Pine Beetle in Surrey Ridge: Surrey Ridge is experiencing beetle kill. Please refer to the following link to the Surrey Ridge HOA for more information:
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes May 15, 2017

Oak Hills Board of Managers Meeting

May 15, 2017

Attendees: Jeff Todd (President), Chad Oliver (Vice President and ECC Interim Chair), Katie Van Houten (Secretary), Ruth Hiebert (Treasurer), and Chris Gabreski (ECC) 

ECC Report- Chad Oliver is the interim chair for the ECC. He is the point-of-contact for new and existing applications to the ECC. He can be reached at 303-909-1692, or   New and existing applications were reported on by the ECC.

Financial Report- 31 lots are paid-to-date for the annual assessment of $200/lot. The annual assessment is due by June 15, 2017.  Please remit to:


Oak Hills Owners Association

c/o Ruth Hiebert 

572 E Oak Hills Drive

Castle Rock 80108

Thank you to those who have already paid. We are trying to save postage by reducing multiple mailings, so please remit payment as soon as possible.

New signage- The signs have been ordered and a deposit submitted. We are currently waiting for the building plan to be reviewed and approved by Douglas County.  We anticipate installation of the new signs at the north and south ends of the subdivision within the next 6 - 8 weeks.

Spring Clean-Up- Thank you to all who participated in our annual clean-up. It was a success with volunteers covering all roads within the subdivision.

Mailboxes- It was requested the board consider the possibility of updating/enlarging existing mailboxes for homeowners. Jeff Todd will research and report back as to the feasibility of this project.

Board Volunteers- The Oak Hills Board of Managers is ALWAYS seeking homeowners to participate on the board and/or on the Environmental Control Committee. Chad Oliver agreed to act as interim ECC Chairperson and to participate on the board as Vice President.

Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes March 17, 2017
Board of Managers Meeting March 9, 2017 Attendance: Ruth Hiebert, Richard Smith, Ronna Smith,, Sandy Stolar, Jeff Todd, and Katie Van Houten Annual Meeting The Oak Hills Owners’ Association Annual Meeting is on Sunday, April 24, 2017 at 2 PM at the Castle pines community Center (7404 Yorkshire Drive). All Oak Hills stakeholders are encouraged to attend. New Signage for Oak Hills Bids are being taken for new signage at the north and south entrances to Oak Hills. To date, the bids are coming in around $20K to remove and replace existing signs with stone engraved signs. The current signs are over 30 years old and are deteriorating quickly. New signs are needed to improve the look of the entrances to our community, to be maintenance-free and long-lasting. New signs and pricing will be discussed at the Oak Hills Owners’ Association Annual Meeting. Jeff Todd and Sandy Stolar are researching other vendors. If any homeowners have referrals, please contact Jeff or Sandy. Spring Clean-Up It has been several years since we came together as a community to clean up our neighborhood. Neal and Sam Van Houten will organize the clean up day on May 13, 2017 at 9 AM. Please meet at the mailboxes where you will be provided with a map and trash bags. It only takes a couple of hours if we come together as a community. Please consider helping out with this event. Many hands lighten the load (and helps to make our community look and feel better!). Treasurer’s Report Ruth Hiebert presented the board with our current Income and Expense Statement. Please see the statement, attached, along with the agenda for the annual meeting. Volunteers New board members and environmental control committee members are needed. The time commitment is minimal and it is important for community members to fill these spots in order to keep Oak Hills the great neighborhood it is now! Several board and ECC members are stepping down this year. Please consider participating. If you are interested, please contact any board member. ECC Report Ronnie Smith provided a report of ongoing projects submitted to the ECC.
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes August 25, 2016

Oak Hills Board of Managers August 25, 2016

Attendance: Ruth Hiebert, Kirk Petre, Richard Smith, Ronna Smith, Sandy Stolar, Jeff Todd and Katie Van Houten

Treasurer’s Report- Ruth Hiebert

Current balance sheet for OHOA was reviewed. Refund from insurance company for coverage of playground equipment we do not have was discussed and pending a refund from the insurance carrier for their error. ($747.00 has been received)

ECC- Ronna Smith

A report from the ECC was presented to the Board of Managers.

Other Issues-

  1. Kirk Petre attended the meeting to request an update to the bylaws regarding provisions for enforcement of covenants, specifically pertaining to property upkeep, appearance and maintenance. A neighborhood vote was sent out over two years ago with minimal participation. The provisions for enforcement will be re-sent to all OHOA members for a second vote.

Sandy will also send out a reminder to OHOA property owners regarding covenants pertaining to property upkeep and maintenance.

  1. An additional request was for the Water Committee to do an updated water study given the considerable growth in the surrounding area. The Board agreed to pass this on to the Water Committee for additional information.
  1. Complaints regarding speeding and distracted driving within the neighborhood- OHOA members are asked to obey posted speed limits within the neighborhood (25 MPH) and to refrain from texting/talking, etc. on mobile devices. There have been several near-misses of pedestrians, bicyclists and horseback riders. Please remind your young drivers, as well.
  1. Neighborhood Christmas Party- It will soon be that time of year again and we are looking for a volunteer(s) who would like to host our annual party! It is a great way to meet your neighbors or spend time with those you already know. The OHOA does provide a budget for the party and the host selects the date. Please contact Sandy Stolar if you are interested in hosting this annual event!

Oak Hills Board of Managers April 5, 2016
Attendance: Peter Freytag, Kelly Bumann, Bill Gouger, Sandy Stolar, Ruth Hiebert, Ronnie Smith, Jeff Todd and Katie Van Houten By-law Committee Report- Peter Freytag Updates, corrections and changes to the existing by-laws were presented to the Board by the By-Law Committee (Peter Freytag, Kelly Bumann, and Bill Gouger). The Committee has been meeting bi-weekly for the past three months. The new by-laws will be presented to the members of the Oak Hills Owners’ Association at the annual meeting on April 17th and will be sent to all Oak Hills Owners’ Association members for a vote. Included in the new by-laws are a re-drafted proxy statement, a redefinition of quorum as it relates to Oak Hills, expenditure limits, etc. A red-line version will also be made available to homeowners who would like to see a comparison. Treasurer’s Report- Ruth Hiebert The current Oak Hills Owners’ Association financial statement was reviewed by the Board and will be presented at the annual meeting. Environmental Control Committee (ECC)- Ronnie Smith One application was submitted to the ECC. Final Agenda for the Annual Meeting The Oak Hills Owners’ Association Annual Meeting is April 17, 2016 at 2 P.M. at the Castle Pines Community Center, 7404 Yorkshire Drive. The agenda is attached to these minutes. Oak Hills Owners’ Association Annual Meeting Agenda April 17, 2016, 2 PM Board Members Sandy Stolar, President Jeff Todd, Vice President Ruth Hiebert, Treasurer Katie Van Houten, Secretary Richard Smith, Member-at-large
  1. Treasurer’s Report- Jeff Todd
Water Committee Report- Rick Goebel Spring Clean-Up- Currently looking for someone to coordinate the community spring clean up or for volunteers, such as Boy Scouts or students needing community service hours, to coordinate this annual event.
  1. Oak Hills HOA website-
Seeking a website designer or student to update the current website to make it more user-friendly.
  1. Volunteers for positions with the Oak Hills Board of Managers, Environmental Control Committee and Water Committee-
Be involved in your neighborhood committee! If you are interested or have an area of expertise that may relate to any Board position or committee, please volunteer! It is a minimal time commitment.
  1. By-Law Changes- By-Law Committee
Century Link Representative A Century Link representative will attend the meeting to answer any questions or issues regarding Century Link internet service in Oak Hills.
Oak Hills Board of Managers January 21, 2016
Attendance: Sandy Stolar, President,, 303-708-9716 Jeff Todd, Vice-president,, 719-337-5868 Katie Van Houten, Secretary, 303-925-1100 Ruth Hiebert ,Treasurer,, 303-790-2635 Richard Smith, Member at-Large,, 303-799-8223 Treasurer’s Report-Ruth Hiebert $30,000 collected to-date for the internet assessment. Three homeowners have not paid. ECC No report Annual Meeting The Oak Hills Owners Association annual meeting is scheduled for April 17, 2016. Time and location to be determined. Century Link Internet-Jeff Todd There will be a meeting with a representative from Century Link to explain the Century Link service, how to order it, and what can be expected when service is installed. The representative will also answer questions homeowners may have. The meeting is February 2nd, 2016, 7-9 PM at the Castle Pines Community Center, 7404 Yorkshire Drive. Sandy Stolar will post a notice about this meeting at the mailboxes. Bylaw Committee Kelly Bumann, Ann and Nick Sayeedi, Kendall Unruh, Peter Freytag, and Bill Gouger are the neighborhood volunteers who are meeting to make suggestions for updates and changes to the existing Oak Hills Bylaws. Any changes or additions to the bylaws recommended by the committee will be presented to homeowners at the annual meeting in April. Other Business Updated Oak Hills Board of Managers information to be posted at the mailboxes and on the Oak Hills HOA website (Katie Van Houten) Welcome letter for new homeowners requesting contact information (Katie Van Houten) Next Board of Managers Meeting- April 5, 2016, 7 PM Meeting Adjourned
Oak Hills Board of Mangers Minutes October 27, 2015
Board Members Present: Sandy Stolar, President; Katie Van Houten, Secretary, Ruth Hiebert, Treasurer, and Bob Dawson, Jeff Todd, and Richard Smith, Members at large. Association Members Present: Chris Krueger, Brent Gibson, (internet Committee), Jerry and Kathy O’Neill, Wayne and Vicki Furr, Ron and Kelly Burman, Ann Sayeedi, and Rich Forte Century Link Internet Assessment: Concerns were expressed by some tract owners about the democratic process not being fol- lowed by the Oak Hills Board of Managers regarding the contract, treasury funds spent and Association special assessment of $400.00 for Century Link internet service installation in Oak Hills. The Board agreed to send out a straw poll to the Association regarding internet services from Century Link in the neighborhood and interest in a meeting. The installation of Century Link internet service will proceed as the contract is signed with Century Link and monies have been paid. The straw poll will have no effect on the contract going forward and the assess- ment is still due November 15, 2015. After installation, any problems with Century Link equipment not on individual OHOA member property is the responsibility of Century Link and will not be billed to or the responsibility of the OHOA. There will be no further assessments as the money already paid is the final and total cost. Board further agreed to address the following concerns at a special meeting should 25% of the Association request such a meeting (per covenants): Technical Questions regarding actual service from Century Link: and Questions regarding the Board of Managers decision making process for this service in- stallation from Century Treasurer’s Report: The current financial statement for the Association was provided and reviewed by OHOA Board Treasurer, Ruth Hiebert. Internet Committee Report: Chris Krueger reported Century Link will have more accurate speed estimates for Oak Hills by next week (November 2nd). The equipment for the installation of internet service has been ordered and will take approximately 30 days to receive at which time Century Link will began construction and installation. Approximate time for construction and installation is 60 days with a best case “go-live” date of February 1st, 2016 with a target date of February 15, 2016. ECC Report: No report at this meeting. Mailbox Information: The repair on the mailboxes is complete. The cause was a homeowner-installed lock on box 44 that was too big, causing the entire panel to break. The HOA has extra locks of the correct size should a box need a replacement. Please contact the OHOA Board if you need a new lock. Unauthorized Use of Confidential Email Addresses: Colorado HB 12-1237 requires that homeowners’ emails and phone numbers be kept private unless specifically authorized by the homeowner for public use. There were complaints from homeowners that did not wish to receive some of the emails being sent around lately. Please be aware that if the homeowner’s email and telephone number is not on the public directory it is not to be used. Christmas Party: Date to be determined. Location Richard and Ronna Smith’s home. New Business: Changes to OHOA By-laws: Non-Board members in attendance requested formation of a committee to review and poten- tially change the Oak Hills by-laws regrading Board expenditures. Any change to the bylaws requires, by Colorado Statute, a yes vote of 2/3 of the entire Association membership. Any OHOA members interested in participating in such committee, please contact the OHOA Board of Managers. Bears in the area: Several residents in Oak Hills have reported problems with bears damaging property. Enticing bears or other wildlife with food is illegal and violators can be ticketed and fined by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Please refer to the attached document for more information or go to the website, for additional in- formation. Meeting was adjourned at 9 P.M.
Oak Hills Board of Managers September 30, 2015
In attendance: Sandy Stolar, President Ruth Hiebert, Treasurer Bob Dawson, Member at Large Richard Smith, Member at Large Chris Krueger, Internet Committee member Chad Oliver, Internet Committee member Brent Gibson, Internet Committee member The meeting centered around a proposal by Century Link to provide access to high speed internet to the Oak Hills Owners Association. A big thanks to the Internet committee (Chris Krueger, Rick Goebel, Chad Oliver, and Brent Gibson, Greg Peek) for spending several months researching options for high speed internet from Comcast, Century Link, and Kellin Communications. In summary, the internet committee recommended (see attached) that we go with Century Link in that they are the most cost effective, the most reliable, we would have unlimited high speeds and it is the least invasive. Other pluses were that it is the quickest resolution (approximately 12 weeks) and the service would not be affected by bad weather like satellite dishes are (as we all know). If phone lines and internet are bundled, the cost to each homeowner could be significantly less and at a minimum no more expensive than what homeowners are already paying. The estimate from Century Link was originally in the neighborhood of $144,000. They have reduced their firm quote to $96,531.24, good for 90 days. The $2000.00 we gave them for a Quote Preparation Fee will be credited leaving us with a total cost of $94,531.24. The Board determined that the HOA has $74,500 available to fund this proposal. This leaves approximately $22,000 for the homeowners to raise. An anonymous homeowner has loaned the Association $20,000 at 3% interest per annum so that we can proceed in financing this project at the earliest opportunity. Century Link will not begin work during the frost season, that usually starts in mid-December, because of the inability to dig for buried cable. Century Link said that if we act NOW, they would put us at the top of their list and start immediately. In light of the reduced quote, shortened time frame, and the benefit to the community of maintaining property values (nobody will buy a house without internet these days and MHO’s refusal to service residential customers anymore) the Board decided on a Special assessment of $400 per lot to cover the $22000.00. If each homeowner were to pay the full cost of the internet upgrade it would be $1178 per lot. Because the board agreed to use $74,500, the cost per lot is now $400.00, a substantial savings of $778 per lot. The CC&R’s and By-Laws quoted below allow the Board to levy this assessment. The board elected to go this route because the shortened time frame did not give us time to poll the residents and ask for a vote. We also believe that most of the homeowners are in favor of better high speed internet access because of the myriad of complaints we have heard about the lack of internet access in the neighborhood. CC&R Article III Assessments, Section 2. Purpose of Assessments. says that “…assessments, if any, levied by the Association shall be used for the purpose of promoting the health, safety, and welfare of the residents……The determination as to what expenditures are necessary for the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the properties shall be left to the sole discretion of the Board of Managers of the Association.” Article IV of the By-Laws, Paragraph 4.05 Other Powers and Duties, section (e) gives the board the power “to periodically fix, determine, levy and collect the prorated assessments to (sic) paid by each of the owners toward the gross expenses of the Association………and to levy and collect special assessments not in excess of four times the said annual dues whenever in the opinion of the Board of Managers it is necessary to do so…” The board feels that this is expenditure is directly related to the general welfare of the owners’ association and we ask for your understanding, cooperation, and prompt payment of the special assessment. We feel that this will be a highly beneficial addition to the neighborhood infrastructure. The Oak Hills Owners Association Board of Managers PS: After the Board meeting, Century Link gave us more details about time frames when the project might be completed. It will take approximately a month to secure equipment and 45-60 days to construct. Century Link will most likely need Douglas County permits and will work with the county to make the permitting process as expeditious as possible. Barring unforeseen weather circumstances, frost should not prevent them from completing this project by January/ February 2016. We will be getting progress reports along the way
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes May 13, 2015
Attendance: Bob Dawson, Ruth Hiebert, Chad Oliver, Ronnie Smith, Sandy Stolar, Jeff Todd, and Katie Van Houten Internet Committee Report- Chad Oliver Century Link will do an engineering study for possible high speed internet access in Oak Hills. The engineering study cost is $2000. After discussion, the Board agreed to first explore the possibility of grants for rural areas for internet access to pay for some portion before allocating money from OHOA. Jeff Todd also agreed to contact Comcast regarding internet access in our area. Election of Officers Sandy Stolar-President Jeff Todd-Vice President Ruth Hiebert-Treasurer Katie Van Houten-Secretary Bob Dawson-Member at large Richard Smith-Member at large Ronnie Smith-ECC Chairperson Environmental Control Committee (ECC)-Ronnie Smith Updates were provided regarding new and existing projects within the neighborhood. Treasurer’s Report-Ruth Hiebert Proposed Addition to the Covenants (see attached) The proposed addition regarding unsightly, unkempt conditions and fire hazards will be sent to all OHOA members in good standing for a vote. A 2/3 majority is needed to approve any changes/additions. The proposed addition to the covenants will be mailed to OHOA members on June 1 and a response must be postmarked or received by the Oak Hills Board of Managers NO LATER THAN July 3, 2015 in order to be counted. OHOA Notice, Hearing and Enforcement Policy (see attached) The policy was approved by the Board of Managers and is effective as of this date, May 13, 2015. Windmill in Douglas County Open Space The windmill and area surrounding it, owned by Douglas County, is in a state of disrepair. The OHOA does not have control of this area and it was proposed by the Board of Managers to suggest to local Boy Scout Troops to repair and restore this area as a potential Eagle Scout Project. This would require approval from the county. Katie Van Houten will send out emails to the local troops to see if there is any interest. Spring Clean-Up Due to the wet weather, the annual spring clean-up was delayed. It will be rescheduled for a later date. Church Property The property located at the north side of Oak Hills changed hands. To date, the Board of Managers has not received a referral packet from Douglas County regarding potential development of the sight. New Signage The company who originally provided a bid and design for the new signs is no longer available for this project. New companies are being contacted to prove bids and designs. New Business Speeding Speeding in the neighborhood continues to be a significant safety issue. The posted limit throughout Oak Hills is 25 MPH. The Board of Managers will contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to request additional monitoring of this issue within our neighborhood. The rural nature of our area, including horses, bikers and walkers/runners along with a lack of sidewalks and blind curves creates a significant threat. Please obey the limits and remind younger drivers to do the same. The Board of Managers also suggests neighbors who witness any dangerous actions within the area to contact the DCSO non-emergency line at 303-660-7505 with dates, times and license plate number and/or vehicle description.
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes March 11, 2015
Present: Sandy Stolar, Ruth Hiebert, Richard Smith, Ronni Smiith Treasurer’s Report: Total cash available to pay bills: $81, 675. ECC Report Just a friendly reminder not to ride on neighboring properties without permission from the owners. Colorado law now requires all home owner associations to have a “Notice, Hearing, and Enforcement Policy”. Ruth has been researching these and has come up with a proposed policy for Oak Hills. This policy is attached and will be discussed at the annual meeting on April 19th . The Board has received several complaints about the upkeep of some of the properties in the neighborhood. We already have some covenants in place that cover some issues. Article VI 14. Removal of Construction Material Except during periods of active construction, no construction materials of any nature whatsoever shall be maintained upon a Tract unless such materials are located and stored inside a dwelling, garage, barn, or stable, or otherwise blocked from view of the owners and occupants of all tracts and the user of the streets within the subdivision in a manner approved by the ECC. (Can be read in entirety in the covenants on the Oak Hills website.) The Board is proposing the following be voted on as an addition to the covenants. Article VI 15. Unsightly, Unkempt Conditions and Fire Hazards. No property within the Association shall be permitted to fall into disrepair and all property within the Association, including any fences, improvements, and landscaping thereon, shall be kept and maintained in a clean, attractive, and slightly condition and in good repair. Maintenance, repair, and upkeep of each site shall be the responsibility of the Owner of the Site. Dead or dying landscape materials shall be removed and/or replaced as soon as possible, taking into account weather conditions affecting the planting and replacement landscaping. Current Article VI 9. Offstreet Parking. Each dwelling shall be constructed so as to include either attached to or detached from the dwelling a garage of sufficient size to enclose at least two standard size automobiles plus adequate off street parking for other motorized vehicles and/or non motorized trailers possessed by the owner of any tract. No parking shall be permitted in the dedicated road rights-of-way or common area. Proposed Addition Per Douglas County Zoning for Rural residential areas for Section 9 The minimum off street parking spaces required is 8 spaces per lot in accordance with Douglas County Roadway Design and Construction Standards. Unlicensed, inoperable vehicles (including trailers) parked outside shall be concealed by a solid fence, berm, or vegetative barrier, or a combination thereof so as not to be visible from any other property owner or from the street. Http:// The Oak Hills Annual Meeting will be held at the Castle Pines Community Center at 2:00, Sunday, April 19, 2015. We really need additional board members. If you are interested in being a member of the Board of Managers or the ECC please contact one of the Board members. The meeting was adjourned at 8:10. Submitted by Sandy Stolar
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes January 21, 2015
Attendance: Sandy Stolar, President; Katie Van Houten, Secretary; Ruth Hiebert, Treasurer; and Ronnie Smith, ECC chair. A big thank you to Richard and Ronnie Smith for hosting the HOA Holiday Party and toall Oak Hills Residents who attended! The adults and kids all had a wonderful time. Please note, someone left a Nerf football behind. Please contact Ronnie at to claim your football! Treasurer's Report- Ruth Hiebert ECC Report- Ronnie Smith High-speed internet- MHO is no longer offering internet service for new residential customers. We are continuing to talk with Comcast and Century Link about bringing their services to our area. Comcast has agreed to do a serviceability study. It will be done in 5 to 12 days. Neighborhood issues - Vehicles parked in non-designated parking areas- We continue to get complaints about cars and other vehicles parked in non-designated parking areas, such as fields and yards. Please note, The Douglas County Zoning Department has specific regulations regarding rural residential properties. The Parking standards are as follows: "The Minimum off-street parking spaces required: 8 spaces per lot in accordance with the Douglas County Roadway Design and Construction Standards. Unlicensed, operable vehicles parked outside shall be concealed by a solid fence, berm, vegetative barrier, or a combination thereof. Inoperable vehicles are prohibited." (See 5 rr rural residential district/#s516) Trash- We are also in receipt of complaints about residents' trash being left out for more than 24 hours. Per Oak Hills Covenants, Article 5: "6. Trash and Waste Removal. All rubbish, trash, garbage and/or waste of every nature and kind shall be kept and disposed of in a sanitary manner. No lands within the subdivision shall be used or maintained as dumping ground for rubbish, trash, garbage and/or waste materials. All containers for rubbish, trash, garbage or other waste of every nature and kind shall be kept and disposed in a sanitary manner. No rubbish, trash, garbage or other waste shall be exposed to view from public roadways or adjacent properties. No burning of wastes of any kind shall be permitted within the subdivision."Neighborhood Signage- Bids were received and signs approved by the Board at the north and south entrances to the subdivision. Look for new signs to be installed early Spring 2015. Board Member Guidelines- Ruth Hiebert presented the Board with guidelines for future board members, including the responsibilities of each board position, so that future boards can transition with ease. Thank you to Ruth for taking the time to do this! Mark your calendars! The Annual Oak Hills HOA Meeting is on April 15, 2015, location TBD. Next Board Meeting is March 11, 2015, 7 PM.
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes November 19, 2014
Attendance- Ruth Hiebert, Sandy Stolar, Richard Smith, Ronnie Smith, and Katie Van Houten Mailbox locks- Thanks to O'Brien McGarey for the following information for Oak Hills HOA members. If the lock is broken on your mailbox, you must go to the Castle Rock Post Office, 300 E. Miller Ct., Castle Rock and complete an application to replace the lock. The current fee is $40. The post office will drop off new keys to you when the lock is replaced. Neighborhood Signs- We have contacted a sign company and are waiting for preliminary design plans to replace the existing signs at the north and south entrances to the Oak Hills subdivision. Treasurer's Report- Ruth Hiebert ECC Report- Ronnie Smith High-speed internet- The Board is contacting Century Link and Comcast to determine if having high speed internet in our subdivision is now a possibility. This was researched several years ago at which time the cost was too high to bring it into the subdivision. Neighborhood issues- Vehicles, ncluding ATVs and Motorcycles on private property and open space There ave been several complaints about vehicles being used on private property (without the property owner's permission) and open spaces. If a neighbor sees this taking place, please contact the non-emergency line for the Douglas County Sheriff, 303-660-7505. If you are able, a video or photo is helpful in determining who the violator is for the DCSD. Motorized vehicles are NOT permitted on Douglas County Open Space. Vehicles parked in non-designated parking areas- Per Douglas County Zoning Regulations, Section 2 General Requirements, subsection 206, "No land may be used as an outside storage area for the purpose of collecting, dismantling, storing, or selling of junk, trash, rubbish, refuse of any kind, remnants of wood, metal, or plastic, discarded materials, inoperative vehicles or dismantled machinery, whether or not the same could be put to any reasonable use, unless approved as a use by special review in the GI zoning district." Additional information may be found at Additionally, vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas, not in yards, fields, or other areas not intended for vehicle parking or storage. Unleashed/unrestrained animals- Per Douglas County, dogs must be leashed when off the owner's property. Please see the following for more information: http:// Annual Oak Hills HOA Holiday Party- Save the Date! The party is on December 13th, 2014 at the home of Richard and Ronnie Smith, 643 W Oakwood Lane, from 4-8 PM. Drinks and heavy hors d'oeuvres will be served. Kids are welcome! Next Board Meeting is January 21st, 2015, 7 PM.
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes September 17, 2014
Members Present: Sandy Stolar, Ruth Hiebert, Richard Smith, Ronni Smith Treasurers report: The expenses for the last two months included the insurance premium, Davey tree removal of the dying trees at the north entrance, deep watering of the trees by the mailbox, and the drainage repair at the mailboxes by Parker Grading. ECC Report: New applications were presented. The ECC has noted that there are a few properties where dead trees need to be taken out. Please remember that keeping your property up is important not only for the value of your own property, but that of all the neighbors in Oak Hills. New Business: Sandy will call Parker Grading and ask if they can fix the remaining low spot where they did the repair and also the other spot that fills with water by the mailboxes. Katie is still looking into new signage. In the mean time, we may have the sign at the north entrance painted. The policy of the Association and the ECC has always been that the owner applying for a variance is responsible for the costs incurred. The Board decided that the applications for property improvements (both building and landscape) need to include the following statement: The costs incurred when applying for a variance are the responsibility of the applicant. These costs include, but are not limited to, the cost of copies, postage, envelopes, and printing of mailing labels. Ruth will get this onto the application forms on the website. Basic maintenance, such as repainting with the same colors or resurfacing the driveway, does not require ECC approval. Major landscaping does require ECC approval. The planting of individual trees or shrubs does not require approval. If you are in doubt about your project, contact one of the ECC members for clarification. The next board meeting is scheduled for November 19th at 7:00 pm. Meeting adjourned at 7:45.
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes July 17, 2014
Attendance: Ruth Hieber, Sandy Stolar, Richard Smith, Ronnie Smith, Katie Van Houten The Meeting was called to order at 7:15PM. Treasurer's Report - Ruth Hiebert 1. Trees near north entrance to the neighborhood are dying and some are dead. Ruth will contact Davey Tree to have them removed. 2. Insurance due for $1,000. 3. Outstanding HOA dues for 2014 are $400. ECC Report 1. Ronnie Smith presented the current ECC Report to the Board. 2. Ronnie Smith will revise the brochure for residents to bring it up-to-date. 3. Noxious weeds-Richard Smith will contact Douglas County about noxious weeds in the roadways throughout the neighborhood. Oak Hills residents can refer to the following websites for information on noxious weeds in the area and how to control them: 4. 5. a. New Signs Katie Van Houten will obtain quotes to replace/update the signs at both the north and south entrances to the neighborhood. Standing water at Masilboxe Sandy Stolar will cal for bids to mitigate the water issue next to the mailbox. Board recommends to pave the area where there is standing water in wheel ruts. Next board meetings are 09/17/14 and 11/19/14. Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes May 23, 2014
Attendance: Sandy Stolar, Ruth Hiebert, Earl Hansen, Rich Brown, Kirk Petrie, Ann Sayeedi, and Katie Van Houten The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM. Annual Homeowners Meeting Minutes-Minutes were approved. Treasurer's report- Ruth Hiebert Davey tree-call to spray trees by mailbox Outstanding HOA dues for 2014- $1600 Spring Clean Up Thank you to all who participated! Spring clean-up was a successful event with a good turn-out. ECC Report It was agreed the ECC will schedule a regular monthly meeting. Current ECC projects were reported. Neighborhood Welcome Person Ann Sayeedi volunteered as the welcome person for Oak Hills. The welcome person is responsible for providing new homeowners with information regarding Oak Hills, including the process and application for improvements to property within Oak Hills. Water Issue by the community mailboxes Earl Hansen will lead the project to add road base next to the mailboxes where water is currently creating a large pool. New Signage for the neighborhood Katie Van Houten will obtain quotes to replace/update the signs at both the north and south entrances to the neighborhood. Property clean-up Homeowners are requested to clean up trash, dead trees and other debris from their property. Speeding through the neighborhood Kirk Petrie will contact Douglas County regarding installing speed bumps along Oakwood Lane. The posted speed limit is 25 MPH, but many are driving in excess of 45 MPH, posing a danger to pedestrians, children and pets. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes March 3, 2014
Attendance: Ruth Hiebert, Richard Smith, Sandy Stoller, and Katie Van Houten ! First, a big “thank you” to the neighbor on the four-wheeler with the wagon for cleaning up the beer cans littering the roadside through the neighborhood! New Business: Treasurer’s Report-Ruth Hiebert Mailbox lighting-The board voted on and approved the instillation on new solar panels and lights at the mailboxes. The existing lights are at the end of their lifetime. Approximate cost of replacement is $1600.00. ECC Report- The ECC was not represented at the meeting. The ECC needs more members. If any HOA member is interested, please contact a member of the Oak Hills HOA Board. ECC meets monthly, as needed. Applications on the website are not downloading correctly. Ruth Hiebert will address this issue. Annual Meeting- The Oak Hills HOA Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 6, 2014, 2-4 PM at the Castle Pines Community Center. Agenda items include: Updated by-laws; Discussion, board recommendations and decision regarding limits on poultry, small livestock (ex. goats) and fowl; Dispute resolution policy; Collection policy; Board members; ECC members; Spring clean-up; Christmas party host volunteer; New signage at entrance(s) to neighborhood; Any additional new business
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes November 4, 2013
Attendance: Earl Hanson, Ruth Hiebert, Richard Smith, Sandy Stolar and Katie Van Houten. Laurie Furney resigned as HOA Secretary. Katie Van Houten is now the HOA Secretary. Treasurer's Report - Ruth Hiebert Ruth reviewed the Income and Expense Statement for the current year through November 3rd, 2013. (Available on request). The board agreed to have Davey Tree Service, deep root watering, discontinued until next year. ECC Report - Earl Hanson ECC report was given. By-laws in Compliance with State laws Ruth Hiebert, Sandy Stolar and Dennis Valentine updated the Oak Hills Bylaws to bring them into compliance with current Colorado law. The original Bylaws stated that seventy-five percent of the tract owners needed to approve any amendments to the Bylaws. The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act Article 33.3.3-217, Amendment of declaration (1)(a)(I) says that "...the declaration....may be amended only by the affirmative vote or agreement of unit owners of units to which more than fifty percent of the votes in the association are allocated or any larger percentage, not to exceed sixty-seven percent, that the declaration specifies. Any provision in the declaration that purports to specify a percentage larger than sixty-seven percent is hereby declared void as contrary to public policy...". Since this is required by law, the Board decided to update the Bylaws to sixty-seven percent without approval from the owners of the Association. The Oak Hills HOA website,, has been updated and the updated bylaws will be emailed separately. Additionally, Oak Hills property owners will be asked for approval at the next HOA meeting to correct spelling and grammatical errors in existing HOA documents. Corrections will not change the meaning of the documents and are meant as a housekeeping item only. An Oak Hills Dispute Resolution Policy was also presented to and adopted by the Board. Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act Article 33.3.-124 (II) (b) states that, "On or before January 1, 2007, each association shall adopt a written policy setting forth its procedure for addressing disputes arising between the association and unit owners. It has been posted on It will also be emailed. This was formulated by Sandy Stolar, Dennis Valentine, and Ruth Hiebert according to Referral packet for Lagae Development - Sandy Stolar The Douglas County Planning Commission sent a referral packet to the HOA regarding the planned development of homes and retail space along Lagae Road, south of Castle Pines Parkway. The area is not directly next to Oak Hills, but the Board will still return the packet with concerns regarding water supplies and the potential increase in traffic along Castle Pines Parkway. Other Business Ruth Hiebert offered to create a book of guidelines for future HOA Board members to help maintain consistency and make it easier in the future. Neighborhood Directory - We have not had a new directory in 4+ years. Previously it was provided by local realtors. Colorado House Bill 12-1237 Paragraph (3.5) states that "Records maintained by an association are not subject to inspection and copying; and must be withheld, to the extent that they are or concern:...(b) Personal identification and account information of members, including bank account information, telephone numbers, electronic mail addresses... Therefore, the Board requests each property owner email current information to the Oak Hills HOA at if you would like to include your email address and phone number in a public directory. Please include the following information: Owners' Names and other family members in the home Lot # Address Telephone/Mobile Number(s) Email address Oak Hills HOA Christmas Party is on December 15th from 4-8 PM at the Goebel's home, 400 W Oakwood Lane. Thank you to the Goebel's for hosting this event. Meeting Adjourned.
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes September 23, 2013
A meeting of the Board of Managers was held on September 23, 2013 at the home of Sandy Stolar. The meeting started at 7:00PM.  Sandy Stolar, Ruth Hiebert, Laurie Furney, Richard Smith and Ronnie Smith were in attendance. Sandy reported that the ECC was up and running.  The ECC files were returned to the ECC.  ECC matters were discussed and plans finalized. The board minutes were discussed and format declared. Ruth distributed and discussed the Treasurer's Report.  Notice of Assessment guidelines and procedures were discussed and format declared. A committee will be formed to discuss changes to the ByLaws and Covenants.  Sandy and Ruth volunteered for the committee.  Other community members will be asked to sit on the committee.  The committee will present to the board the changes and the board will enact the changes by year end. The next Board of Managers meeting was set for November 4, 2013 at 7:00PM. The meeting adjourned at 7:33PM.
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes August 26, 2013
The meeting started at 7:02PM. Sandy Stolar, Ruth Hiebert, Katie Van Houten, Laurie Furney and Earl Hanson were in attendance. Ruth distributed and discussed the Treasurer's Report. The minutes of the last meeting were distributed and approved. The minutes from the ECC meeting of June 26, 2013 were distributed. A motion was made to vote on the removal of a member of the ECC. By a vote of 3 to 2 the member was removed from the committee. Earl will contact the remaining members of the ECC and organize a meeting and report their reinstatement. ECC Report: A retaining wall application was denied. The new home construction continues as planned. The barn construction continues as planned. Sandy will contact Joe to obtain clarity on the negotiation points and progress of the covenant compliance matter. The retaining wall application was questioned and the whereabouts of the application fee will also be discussed with Joe. Sandy will contact our attorney to discuss options regarding updating the Bylaws to comply with current State laws and report back to the Board at the next scheduled meeting. Laurie volunteered to look into the cost of engaging an outside agency to work with the community on covenant compliance. She will present her findings at the next scheduled meeting. Laurie will contact the hosts for this year's Christmas Party and extend the Boards assistance in party planning and scheduling. It was agreed that the board meeting minutes would be posted at the community bulletin board as well as emailed to the HOA membership. It was agreed that the roster would be distributed to the board after each update. The church property is still an active and ongoing concern. The board will continue to keep an eye on the situation. Joe Dwoskin remains the contact for this matter. Joe Dwoskin has taken a leave of absence from the Board of Managers and Sandy Stolar, as Vice President, will act as President in his absence. The next Board of Managers meeting is scheduled for September 23, 2013. The meeting adjourned at 8PM.
Oak Hills Board of Managers Minutes July 11, 2013
meeting of the Board of Managers was held on July 11, 2013 at the home of JoeDwoskin. The meeting started at 7:02PM. Joe Dwoskin, Sandy Stolar, Ruth Hiebert, Katie VanHouten, Laurie Furney and Greg Peek (representing the ECC) were in attendance. The minutes of the last meeting were distributed and approved. Ruth Hiebert distributed and discussed the Treasurer's Report. OLD BUSINESS: The church property is still an active and ongoing concern. The board will continue to keep an eye on the situation. Joe Dwoskin will continue to spearhead this project. Tree care: Davey Tree will be contracted to water and fertilize the trees at theentrance to Oak Hills and at the mailbox kiosk. The expenditure was approvedbased on the written bid provided by Davey Tree. Sandy Stolar will continue to spearhead this project. Paving repair/maintenance at the mailbox kiosk: No additional quotes wereprovided by Richard Smith so the board agreed to contract Parker Paving tocomplete the work. The expenditure was approved based on the written bidprovided by Parker Paving. Sandy Stolar will continue to spearhead this project. Entrance sign: The entrance sign is in good shape and not in need of repairs orattention. NEW BUSINESS: The ECC report was given by Greg Peek. An organizational meeting was held and officers discussed and appointed by the ECC membership. No minutes for this meeting were available. The ECC deposits were discussed to determineongoing projects that are in need of the ECC's attention. The Guzman application for a retaining wall installation was transferred to the ECC. The board discussed reinstating a Welcoming Committee/Person. This position will continue to fall under the control of the ECC. The meeting was adjourned at 8:17PM.